About Us

About Us

Studio H Interior Design is an interior design and build company based in Petaling Jaya, Malaysia. Established in 2016, we have completed 33 investment residential units, 22 own stay houses, and 3 shoplots by the year 2020.

Having 8 years of experience in the interior design industry, our services cover :

  • Design, renovation, and interior decorating service for investment units. More than 90% of the houses designed by us managed to rent out within a month and with higher rental rates
  • Renovation for own stay houses
  • Large-scale renovation for old houses, covering exterior and interior



Have a close view of our projects covering residential units for own stay and investment purposes. 99% of our clients were satisfied and happy when they first saw their newly renovated home.

Design Process

Passing the renovation works of your home to the right and an experienced interior designer would make your renovation process hassle-free. A well-scheduled renovation would also ensure that your house is completed as planned and in tip-top condition. We understand your needs and assist you step-by-step throughout the design and renovation stage. Check out the information below for a better understanding of the flow of our design process.


  • Property details (eg: floor plans) and design requirements by property owner
  • Mood board proposal
  • Estimation of construction costing

Site Measurement

  • Site measurement before commencement of design stage



Design Development

  • Proposal of furniture layout
  • Proposal of 3D realistic illustration
  • Discussion and design amendment
  • Proposal of material and finishes selection
  • Costing based on agreed design



  • Produce detailed construction drawings
  • Manage site works and work schedules



Loose Item Proposal

  • Loose furniture and fittings proposal
  • Curtain and blind proposal



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