About Us

Studio H Interior Design is an interior design and build company based in Petaling Jaya, Malaysia. Established in 2016, a total of 33 investment residential units, 22 own stay houses and 3 shoplots have been completed by us to the year of 2020.

Started as a small boutique interior design company, Studio H Interior Design’s services at the initial stage covered interior design and decorating service for investment units. We provide a full interior design service that provides renovation services such as wet works and carpentry works, and to the final stage of furniture selection and interior decoration. All the designs were customized to meet each clients’ preferences and budgets. With the showroom-like unique and distinctive design that we produced, more than 90% of our clients were able to rent out their units within a month and with higher rental rates.

Total Projects Completed

33 investment residential units

22 own stay homes

3 shoplots

About Studio H Interior Design's Design Director

The Design Director of Studio H Interior Design, Ellie Hong Hui Yi is the chief designer of the company. Having 8 years of experience in the interior design industry, she first started as an interior designer in one of the top ten architecture and interior design firms in Malaysia, specializing in renovation of old bungalows for high-end markets. The experiences of handling high-end residential projects nurtured the great sense of design in her later days.

When Our Business Grew

From the good reputation that Studio H Interior Design has built up since 2016, our services expanded to large-scale renovations, from apartments to landed houses. We also specialized in redesign and renovation of old houses. Our renovation projects are often designed based on the principle of maximizing the natural lighting and natural ventilation of the house, which are the key issues of most old houses in Malaysia. We also provide consultations on space planning and rearrange new layouts to suit the owners’ lifestyle and habits. Our clients often gave feedback to us that they tend to spend more time at home and they enjoyed the time at home after the renovation.

With Studio H Interior Design’s professional consultations and understanding of the wants and needs of the clients, the end result often exceeded their expectations. We design a place that you would always look forward to going back to, this is how we define HOME.