House No.10

An investment unit featuring Muji and Scandinavian theme. Creating a distinctive design, minimal renovation works and interior decorating is the key to successfully get the unit rented out and yield income in the shortest time. 

KJ House

A thorough renovation of a 15 year old house to accommodate 5 adults and a baby in this 1100sqft apartment. Check out the stunning effect of “Before and After” photos of this house in the page.

CW House

A modern Japanese cottage style house for a family of four. The husband liked dark wood colour but he did not want the house look dark. The wife liked cottage style interior. We combined the couple’s preferences and came out with this cozy and charming design.

The C House

A holiday home for a young couple with two toddlers. The owner liked a contemporary design with dark tone interior and yet he wished it would not make the compact 600sqft apartment looked small and congested. The house turned out to be a calming and comfortable home through our meticulous design.

C11 House

The owner had some sentimental personal collections and an antique cabinet. He liked the modern and Scandinavian interior but he had the problem of matching them together. We helped to solve all these problems with a hint of sentimental feeling to the modern home.

VJ House

A home for a young couple. This modern and muted colour Scandinavian interior is something that fits the requirement of most young couples that need more flexibility in the design to adapt to the change in space planning in future.

G House

A modern English style interior for an investment unit. With potential expatriate tenants at the area, this modern English style interior manage to help the owner to secure an expatriate tenant by just showing the photographs of the unit. The unit was rented out in less than a week after completion.

Pavilion Hilltop Mont Kiara

Interior decoration project with minimal renovation works for an investment unit at Pavilion Hilltop Mont Kiara. We managed to help the owner to produce an attractive design with minimal budget.

Asa House

A Japanese Muji style service apartment of 600sqft. Acted as an investment unit, the minimal and serene ambiance impressed everyone once stepping into the house. With this outstanding design, higher rental rates was a guarantee.

Little Green

A rejuvenated little Scandinavian style studio with the green theme for investment purpose. We managed to help owner who owned two units of the same layout to secure tenants with high rental rates. We proposed two different design to target the tenants of different preferences. Compare this unit with the other unit named “The Blue”. Putting up a partition wall the power of interior decoration creates a totally different ambiance to help to target tenants from different categories. 

SL House

One of our interior project for investment purpose. Earth tone interior with beige-pinkish wall and soft furnishings, combining walnut finishes furniture that elevated the sense of maturity of the unit. By doing minimal renovation and combining our professionalism in choosing the right furniture and decoration, the house could be transformed into a hotel suite within a month.

The Blue

A bold and masculine interior for an investment unit. We managed to help owner who owned two units of the same layout to secure tenants with high rental rates. We proposed two different design to target the tenants of different preferences. Compare this unit with the other unit named “Little Green”. Check out the different ambiance that we managed to create with the power of interior decorating.

E08 House

Acting as a holiday home, our client wanted a space that can foster interaction between the families during vacation. We proposed this open-concept design so that family members from all areas could interact with each others easily. The partition-free design made the space looked brighter, bigger and more spacious too.


The owner seek for our assistance for furnishing his unit for investment purpose. He had furnished the unit partially but was unable to rent out due to high competition at the area. We came out with the solution by doing minor renovation works and interior decoration. At last the owner managed to secure a tenant at the very first viewing after completion.

The Sunflower

An investment unit of our who loved furniture-making and painting watercolour artwork. Check out how we combine his work of craft with our design.

King's Bakery @ Kuantan

Nestling in an area with old shoplots, the owner wished the bakery stood out from the rest of the shops. We came out with a modern and sleek design that gave a huge contrast between the modern bakery and the old shoplots.  

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