House No.10

An investment unit of 1000sqft with 2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms featuring Muji and Scandinavian theme. Creating a distinctive design, minimal renovation works and interior decorating is the key to successfully get the unit rented out and yield income in the shortest time. 

Top : The view from the entrance.  Stepping into the unit, the bright and light coloured furniture created a cozy ambiance.

Top : There was a recessed area for the TV console. Instead of placing a loose item that could not fit into this specific area nicely, we proposed a built-in TV cabinet of 6ft high with a simple design and some storage spaces. The height of this cabinet made the space wider with the hollow spaces created above, at the same time it saved cost as well.

Top: Due to the limitation of space between the wall and dining table, a shallow wall console was placed for storage purpose while allow sufficient space for the walkway.

Top : Mirror is one of the common element that will be placed at the dining area. Instead of using a big piece of mirror, we create a focal spot by playing with shapes using 3 oval shaped mirror. The reflections made the space become more spacious too.

Top : The key element for Muji style is keeping it neat, bright and airy. The straight line design and selecting light oak colour finishes of the TV cabinet, together with the neutral tone beige colour curtain, all these added up to this Muji style interior.

Top : The owner wished to have an island in the house. With the kitchen cabinet provided by the developer we added a low open shelf storage cabinet that acted as a transition to the island.